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1. A Male Harlot.

2. A Male who has sex with a lot of people for money or for free.

"Joe had sex with all the Cheerlders, what a Marlot."
by Smartpepper January 12, 2009
9 6

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One who has sex with only one partner and reapiditly does so with that only partner; "a slut who fucks one guy all the time"
Joan, you need more variety rather than always fucking Joe!
by MHSN May 27, 2004
26 12
One who has been going out with someone for more than 6 months and is under the age of 16.
Pg 40 of the book called "Brave New World"
by 210A back June 03, 2004
13 8
Ashley Jeleniewski
Stop being a marlot
by Nick Brown June 13, 2004
12 22