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One of the most awesome girls you could ever meet. Although sometimes is overly emo, and is easily pwnable. Also another term for "Eevee" From pokemon.
Ash// Ho shit, Is that a marleny?
Marleny// -Pees on Ash's leg-
by Quil January 06, 2008
The funniest, prettiest girl ever. She's a loyal friend and always there when you need her. She's not afraid to call you out and speak her mind, but she'll always do it for your own good. She's protective, fun, spontaneous, SMART, and open minded. She likes to joke around and travel. She's the girl that will have 20+ cats even though she can get any guy she wants. She loves deeply and aspires success. Marleny won't ever allow you to be sad, ranging from her hilarious facial expressions, to her never failing roasts of enemies, she'll always make you laugh. Her eyebrows and eyeliner will always be on point. Her smile is contagious, and even though she could seem mean at times, she never means it. Marleny is a friend for life.
I wish everyone was like Marleny.
My best friend is Marleny.
Cute smart gorgeous amazing perfect makeup perfection funny
by Fucking_cunt September 19, 2015
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