Marlboro, New Jersey is.....
Were people are mostly Asian (chinese, korean Inidan, Pakistanian) they are also either Italian or Jewish. You either live in a over priced mcmansion, a suburban home or farmland. If you are preppy smoke pot or crystal meth or do heroine or drink vodka or beer; you are popular.

Marlboro is known for bitchy people from new york city with lots of money, who think they are better than you.
Marloro is about 10-15 minutes away from the jersey shore, 30 min away from new york and about an hour away from philidelphia
Person One: Hey mann wanna do math homework?
Person Two: Your not cool, im going to the party tonight to get drunk and high! this is Marlboro!
by kimmy t July 06, 2009
Town in New York. When you say you live there, people will always first ask if the cigarettes come from this town (no) or if you're talking about Marlboro, New Jersey.

The town has more apple trees per 6 feet than people per square mile. Commutes are commonly halted by tractors and annoying people driving slowly to look at the "pretty fall colors." Saying something is Marlboro is synonymous with calling something redneck.

Its population is mainly white rednecks and about 3/4 of its vehicles are pickup trucks. "Town" consists of a pizza place, hotel/bar, gas station, and a deli. Most of the industries in the town have been owned by the same five families for years and incest is of common speculation.

Most people that grew up in this town will say they hated living here, but deep down they're really just lying to themselves. It wasn't THAT bad people...
Person at SUNY New Paltz: So where are you from?

Me: Marlboro.

Person: Oh, is that like where they make the cigarettes??

Me: Sigh.. no.

Person: Oh wait, I think ive heard of it now. Its near Palisades in NJ, right.

Me: No, I'm from Marlboro, New York.

Person: Oh. I've never heard of it then. Wheres it at?

Me: Its 10 miles from campus, right down the road!!

Person: What is?

Me: Marlboro!!!

Person: Oh, like the cigarettes?

Me: >_>
by insertanawsomenanehere April 27, 2009
A very rich and populated city in New Jersey. Home to the amazing cars and hot girls!
Screw this, I'm going to Marlboro!
by AK August 08, 2004
The only cigarette worth the $8.00 a pack we pay anyways.
Man (real man): Let me Get a pack of Reds.
Clerk: a pack of what?
Man: Reds, Marlboro Reds
Clerk: Do you Want Special Blends?
Man: No! It's Just not the same.
by A really big Fan( and addict). October 17, 2011
Town in NY that's the most rednecktastic town in the whole world but that's okay cause it's got a few awesome peoples.

NOT just a fucking ciggerette brand...omg
"About 99.9% of Marlboros population consists of apple farmers..
by Bob Mcbobington the 3rd December 22, 2008
A popular and good brand of cigarrettes...whos name "MARLBORO" stands for "Men Always Remember Love Because of Romance Only".
Nice ciggarettes one of the more deluxe cigs. as well as Du Maurier.
MARLBORO is good Cigs.
by MARLBORO...Inspired by men... August 08, 2003

A cigarette for dirtbags because they taste like tree bark and alot of rednecks smoke them
"thats a nice marlby ya got there buck"

"yea taste like dirt"
by shiz June 04, 2003
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