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The best mentholated cigarette money can buy.
That Marlboro menthol light was amazing and went smooth down my throat.
by UDIG August 04, 2007
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The preferred cigarette of many young second generation Asians on the West Coast. Also Marlboro Lights. Many older first generation Asian men smoke triple-5s. See 555.
"Let's go shoot pool, hang out at Q-Cup, and smoke our Marlboro Menthol Lights. God, we're so Asian."
by TuanTuan November 02, 2005
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cigarettes smoked by girly girls. their boyfriends will say that they only bum a marlboro menthol light when they are out of newports or parliaments but we alll know that their too pussy to smoke a newport 100s...

these cigarettes also suck becasue their white on both ends and when your really drunk you light the filter on accident.
hey baby, you got a marlboro menthol light? im all out.
by zoloft43 August 05, 2004
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A cigarette usually smoked by overweight girls who want to fit in with the crowd.
"Hey, look at the girl smoking the marlboro menthol light!" As opposed to "Hey look at the fat girl!"
by Lunch is free on Tuesdays January 05, 2008
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Disgusting cigarette, very minty and light, along with anything menthol except cloves.
"These Marlboro Menthol Lights taste like I stuck a candy cane up your moms ass and licked it"
by Elixir March 29, 2005
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