frequently repeating the word "chibby chang" (i mean chimmy changa)
Carol: chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang chibby chang.

susan: stop markie-ing.. we're not in taco bell anymore tota?
by tadasha August 29, 2006
Top Definition
She Is So Beautiful, Hot,Sexy, Perfect. She Has A Cupcake Head Chunky Cheeks, She Has Some Anger Problem's But Hey Everyone Does But Her Fit Is Special In A Retarded Cute Way. I LOVE HER :* :*(Pull Away)<3
4/20/11 Are Anniversery Markie
by joshandmarkie June 26, 2011
An amazing person with a great sense of humor, very beautiful a little crazy
Joe: wow that girl is amazing
John: she reminds me of a markie
by hiffany123 March 14, 2009
To be very beautiful, have a great sense of humor but is a little crazy, which makes you love them even more. To be very ticklish and espesially on the booty. Hates people touching their toes.
Shes crazy but it makes me love her more.
She must be a Markie!
by Jackintheboxdude February 04, 2010
An amazing hot sexy girl~ Shes sweet and kinky~ She is ana amazing kisser and has the most adorable voice in the world. Shes amazing with other things too c;
I love my markie~
by XAlchemyX June 27, 2013
a word to describe that someone looks ghetto fabulous
a friend saying "dammnn girl you look so markie!"
by shanikwaa August 02, 2007
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