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Markus Allan Hoppus (15 March 1972) is one of the founding members of Calfornia punk-trio Blink 182. In the band he's the bassist and one of the vocalists. The band gained most of their success by their catchy music and immature humour.
Additionally Hoppus is known as the co-owner of clothing company Atticus aswell being part of Plus 44.

Currently he's married to Skye Hoppus and father of 1 (Jack Hoppus).
In 1992, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor formed a band under the name "Blink".
by Ivar. August 06, 2005
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A founding member of blink-182 and THE best bass player in the world.
Young bass guitar learner: "Damn I wish I could be as good as Mark Hoppus!"
Experienced Bass player: "You can try son, you can try...
by spartan69er October 02, 2005
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Mark Hoppus in the very, very hott bass player and singer in blink-182. He is known for his lower, smoother voice of the two singers in blink-182. Best friends with amazingly hott Tom DeLonge.
Mark Hoppus is so hott. I love blink-182
by Tom DeLonge_Lover July 06, 2005
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