A common named used by African Americans to refer to Caucasian males.
Speaking to a Caucasian named Tom:

Q: Wassup' Mark?

A: My name is Tom.

Q: Aiiight, whatever Mark.
by T-Hatch May 01, 2006
the act of allowing a spliff to extinguish itself through lack of attention and smoking skills
pass us a lighter, I've marked me spliff.
by JemimaPuddle April 19, 2006
Used at the end of a sentence to express sarcasm of what was just said.
Sure, I'd love to come to your show. Mark.
by MaxFuckingRules July 29, 2006
a fuckboy. not funny nor attractive.
nice try marky, you're a fuckboy
by markkienastsux March 14, 2015
biggest douche bag ever.
at least your boyfriend isn't mark
by itsactuallytrue September 14, 2014

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