an extremely short person who is also bow legged an jack off to everything he looks at including the movie 8 mile
damn dat niggas so horny ima call him mark
by gereld green March 18, 2008
A very white girlish boy, he sucks at all sports, never gets any girls or any action. A man who masturbates to any thing he sees.
john is such a Mark all he doese is maturbate to small gay asian men and his mom.
by don fuckalot December 03, 2007
when one man simultaneously cums in another mans asshole and shits himself
VON: "kyles asshole felt so good i marked"

as kyle was fucking von he said "oh no ohno im gonna mark"!!

"that guy is so ugly and gross he's a total mark"
by mikeyxl55 July 10, 2008
A person usually described as a short, fat, unattractive, brown haired, perverted boy who enjoys slapping girls in the ass, touching them in the ass, towel whipping girls asses, and simply staring at girl's asses for long periods of time.
Jim:Danny! Holy shit, you just slapped her ass! are you becoming a Mark?
by Angelo of earth March 08, 2008
a fag who doesnt like women and isnt tuned to the outside world. these people are usually huge ass nerds that licks their teachers balls, wut am i sayin, usually? they always do.
"mmmmm the teachers balls tasted so good last nite" "mark stop being a goddamn mark"
by unanymous#11132423345 June 12, 2005
To completly loose control of one's bowels and unload the contents of the anus on a surface, usually a drive way.
Damn He pulled a Mark at scott's house
by anthony costintini October 28, 2006
A pro-wrestling term used to describe the fans that believe the scripted story.
mark: "Man I wouldn't mess with Papa Shango man he used voodoo to make tar ooze out of the Undertaker's hair and Undertaker could whup anyone's ass"
by The badness December 04, 2006
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