Mark is the name of a gorgeous, intelligent, playful, fit and intuitive man who loves deeply.

Mark has a real skill of seeing others for who they really are. Mark has a gift of helping those he is interacting with to
feel special and important. Mark is incredibly psychic. He has a real gift of unconciously (and sometimes conciously) reading the mind (and hearts) of others. When in relationship, Mark makes the best boyfriend. He is incredibly giving in the bedroom department, and loves to shower his lucky lady with romance in all its shapes and forms. Mark is a healer. He has the gift of touch. Mark is also the perfect combination of sensitive and alpha-male. He is gentle and "in tune" but strong and rooted in himself. Mark is extremey kinestetic and talented at all things physical. He is an athlete and not just good but great at many many sports.

One of the most incredible characteristics about Mark is his gaze. He has the most loving and intense gaze. There is too much to say about Mark that wouldn't fit in one defintion. Let us sum up Mark by simply saying Mark will make a huge mark on your heart!
Example 1. Person A- I have the best boyfriend in the world

Person B- Oh, it must be Mark!

Example 2. "Mark was over and now I feel way better about myself and my life. I feel really seen and heard!

Example 3. That guy over there is so amazing at everything he does, he must be this Mark I've heard so much about!
by Chest.time.lover April 17, 2013
The whitest black person you will ever meet.
"OMG MARK IS SO WHITE." He's black. "Oh."
by ItzGottaBeBreezy December 27, 2013
A really nice guy, he's kind, he's got a feminine butt, you'll mistake him for a woman, but he won't care because he's a christian. He's a passionate kisser, and he pleasure his girl before he gets a handjob or blowjob. He doesn't want to lose his virginity so he's a tease, but he's a lucky guy to have. Rare, he won't take a girl for granted, he loves you for who you are. Known for 6.5 in penis, very nice, minimum pubic hair.
Girlfriend: Mark is so great!
Male Friend: If I was gay or a girl I'd hit on him!

Girlfriend: lol, Mark's penis is average but idc, it's very nice!

Ex: What's his penis like? I lost him, and i regret it!
Girlfriend: Sorry
by Mt_2013 November 02, 2013
A target for robbery, scam, or hustle.
1)I was do dopesick yesterday everyone was looking like a mark.
2)I followed the mark off the train, he had an ipod and a laptop.
3) The f**kin mark from the other night IDed me, now I'm lookin at a two year bid.
4) The kid selling them fake chains could spot a good mark from a block away.
5) The mark started getting wise so we dropped the scam and just beat him down for his loot.
by D from Eastie March 28, 2008
Mark means, bitch, weak, lame, or punk. It is used to describe someone who talks a bunch of hype but never does anything.
Brah,shut up. You ain't nothing but a mark ass nigga.

Dude, you do not smoke! You are so lame, brah. Weak ass mark
by canto December 05, 2013
easy woman.
She is a mark.
by hotpants38954375 March 15, 2009
The name of someone who is friggin amazing but also dosnt do as he is told, someone you love but want to kick in the face for promising to do somthing and not going through with it...... someone who says they'll call but then act like an ass and say that "you didnt miss anythinhg" Yeah well i missed you" derrrrr.
"Wow your really tall"

"yeah so is my penis"

"your such a mark"
by hungover7 March 06, 2010
A giant douchewipe. Predominately used to clear away excess douche residue. Normally rides a crotchrocket
My douche popped all over my leg pass me a Mark please
by jmgmtgd June 28, 2014

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