Mark is the name of a gorgeous, intelligent, playful, fit and intuitive man who loves deeply.

Mark has a real skill of seeing others for who they really are. Mark has a gift of helping those he is interacting with to
feel special and important. Mark is incredibly psychic. He has a real gift of unconciously (and sometimes conciously) reading the mind (and hearts) of others. When in relationship, Mark makes the best boyfriend. He is incredibly giving in the bedroom department, and loves to shower his lucky lady with romance in all its shapes and forms. Mark is a healer. He has the gift of touch. Mark is also the perfect combination of sensitive and alpha-male. He is gentle and "in tune" but strong and rooted in himself. Mark is extremey kinestetic and talented at all things physical. He is an athlete and not just good but great at many many sports.

One of the most incredible characteristics about Mark is his gaze. He has the most loving and intense gaze. There is too much to say about Mark that wouldn't fit in one defintion. Let us sum up Mark by simply saying Mark will make a huge mark on your heart!
Example 1. Person A- I have the best boyfriend in the world

Person B- Oh, it must be Mark!

Example 2. "Mark was over and now I feel way better about myself and my life. I feel really seen and heard!

Example 3. That guy over there is so amazing at everything he does, he must be this Mark I've heard so much about!
#great man #boyfriend #saints #romantic person #lovers
by Chest.time.lover April 17, 2013
Total asshole, complete douche bag, and biggest dickhead you'll ever meet--but if you can make one love you--they can be the absolute sweetest person you ever had or ever will meet. This guy will piss you off beyond your wildest imagination but can turn around and make you feel like the most special girl in the entire world. If you fall in love with a Mark: take care of him, treat him right, and never ever let him go. I absolutely adore my Markii Pooh!
Mark, will you please be mine for the rest of our lives?
#mark #maggie #love #forever #douche #dick #asshole
by Magsloveshermarks April 27, 2014
He's the definition of amazing. He defines the word friend, too. He'll always be there for you. He defines hard working, someone who will go the distance for the one he loves even if he has to take baby steps first. Mark is someone who is handsome, but defines beauty not in what he says or does, but in what he is. He is someone who will never give up on something he wants, even if it's so far out of reach. He defines love, someone who will melt your heart and cause you to fall in love every time you see him smile, every time he says your name.. Mark is someone who'll stand by your side, and will be there when the smoke clears. He defines the words thoughtful, sweetheart, caring, &romantic. Someone who'll make you laugh until you cry with all his crazy antics. He is someone you can be yourself around, even when you barely know who you are. Mark will most likely be the reason you're living, the one who pulled you out of the water just before your head goes under. Someone who will sit and hold you because you're afraid of thunder. Mark is the definition of perfect; "Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be" Even though he won't say he agrees. Everyone knows that it's true. <3
Friend: Wow! Who is that guy?
Taylor: Just Mark, the most amazing guy in the world, and who just happens to be my fiance. <3
#sexy #cute #adorable #silly #hilarious.
by Anything&Everything February 22, 2012
A sexy, hot person who everyone needs. When you have a Mark in your life, it is perfect. Without him your heart is broken into a million pieces. Try and wait for a Mark that you know if you like him because if you like him then he might just ask you out. I am waiting for my Mark right now because he is the funniest, kindest and most honest person I know. He is beautiful on the inside and out!
All you need in life is a Mark.
#sexy #smart #beautiful #hot #worth waiting for #perfect #honest #mofo #sexy mofo
by Becca The Unicorn May 27, 2014
A short and sweet term for an Easy target, Fuck boy and/or someone who sets themselves up for the brunt end of a joke or insult.In Military Terminology a "Mark" is a word used to signal an Enemy target.
You're being a Mark Dude..
#idiot #enemy #stupid #arrogant #imbecile
by RenoChan April 13, 2015
A man who is a mad running freak who loves sport and torches kids with maths and 10 km runs!!!!!
Mark is sporty
#running #sport #football #maths #teacher
by slothgirl May 07, 2013
Mark is the greatest human being on this earth. A way to describe him would be "earthly incarnation of awesome." He is sexy, intelligent, adorable and the love of my life. If you have a Mark in your life then you are truly lucky, he will make you the happiest person alive.
Mark: Before we die, I hope to have said 'I love you' as many times as there are stars in the sky.
Me: *Flails arms frantically.*
#mark #mrak #love #in love #lvoe
by treleparc April 04, 2013
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