Mark is the name of a gorgeous, intelligent, playful, fit and intuitive man who loves deeply.

Mark has a real skill of seeing others for who they really are. Mark has a gift of helping those he is interacting with to
feel special and important. Mark is incredibly psychic. He has a real gift of unconciously (and sometimes conciously) reading the mind (and hearts) of others. When in relationship, Mark makes the best boyfriend. He is incredibly giving in the bedroom department, and loves to shower his lucky lady with romance in all its shapes and forms. Mark is a healer. He has the gift of touch. Mark is also the perfect combination of sensitive and alpha-male. He is gentle and "in tune" but strong and rooted in himself. Mark is extremey kinestetic and talented at all things physical. He is an athlete and not just good but great at many many sports.

One of the most incredible characteristics about Mark is his gaze. He has the most loving and intense gaze. There is too much to say about Mark that wouldn't fit in one defintion. Let us sum up Mark by simply saying Mark will make a huge mark on your heart!
Example 1. Person A- I have the best boyfriend in the world

Person B- Oh, it must be Mark!

Example 2. "Mark was over and now I feel way better about myself and my life. I feel really seen and heard!

Example 3. That guy over there is so amazing at everything he does, he must be this Mark I've heard so much about!
by Chest.time.lover April 17, 2013
A name given to the coolest, funniest, most popular, and most enjoyable Males in the world.
Joe: haha, this guy is hilarious
Tom: Yeah he's really the life of the party
Tim: HAHAHA, he just gave someone the arabian sandgoggles
Sandy: Must be Mark
by The shit 88 June 24, 2007
The most sexiest, sweetest guy you will ever know! He makes everyone around him feel loved and special. I thank God for the day I met him. No one can take his place in my heart! Mark is my true soul mate. Once you realize that Mark is a God the better off you will be! He makes you feel like a woman in every sense of the word. I love Mark forever and a day!
Mark is the sweetest guy you'll ever know!
by Niagra April 22, 2011
Just about the sexiest geek you'll ever meet. He specialises in electronics because he's smart enough to and he's so damn good at making sure everything's turned on. Women feel uncontrollably attracted to him, probably because of all that latent magnetism he's absorbed from fiddling with electronic things for so long but, on top of his smouldering sexiness, he also believes in total monogamy making his girlfriend just about the luckiest bitch on the planet.
"I wish I could find the perfect man."

"You mean you wish you could find Mark!"
by Pentoon February 03, 2010
fool, somebody that ain't down
don't let "marks" in our midst-
"don't let marks in our midst"
by AdAmCooLguy January 17, 2007
Term used to describe great friends.

Has the bestest msn conversation...but only with super cool people :]

Only one downfall to this brilliant confidence!

Other than that, generally the funniest, most caring & considerate friend.
"wow my Mark is awesome"
by Cariboo March 31, 2008
A very hot guy usually nice and very funny
He also has a very long penis.
Dude, he's such a Mark
by hollall September 29, 2009
The most amazing, caring guy you will EVER meet! If you are ever fortunate enough to have a Mark fall for you, don't let him get away!

Marks are amazing friends. They have a good sense of humor, but are a little nerdy.
You will never meet anyone moore fun, caring, sweet. They are simply AMAZING.
Marks will also have totally amazing bodies, and know just how to hold a girl right.
Girl 1: My new boyfriend is SUCH a Mark
Girl 2: OMG. Jealous!

Guy 1:Dude, that new kid is totally a Mark
Guy 2:Yeah man, we should have him over for a game night!
by CharlieCareBear2013 June 23, 2011

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