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1) "Creator" of Facebook, whether or not he has actually "created" Facebook is a highly debated topic. He is also the world's youngest billionaire.

2) A nickname conferred upon anyone who is idolized and admired for accomplishing the most unproductive things one can ever imagine. The feat accomplished may be amusing, but its benefit to society and economy = 0, sometimes, even negative.

Guy D: Dude I just logged in my FB account because I needed to change my status to LOGGING IN.....

Guy I: You just made Mark Zuckerberg richer by $1.50....... plus the CIA & Department of Homeland Security knows you're using the computer "dumb fucker"!!!!!


2) GUY D: OMG home skillet that Jack Henderson just got 32 accolades for creating an electric flatulence vacuum sucker , supposedly it repels the fart out the anal rectum at MACH 2.4 !!! DAAAAAMN MAN!!!!

GUY I: He so Mark Zuckerberged that shit dawg!

GUY X : He's going to create JOBS! FOR US! YAY!

GUY I: He'll outsource 'em to China and India fool!!

by Capitalist-DI666-Inaganti December 10, 2010
A man that made billions being Jewish and creating facebook. It is widely known that he took all the money he had and stores it in his anus.
"Oh man I just won the lottery! Better Mark Zuckerberg this money before someone sees it.
by loumagoo December 14, 2010
Character portrayed in the film "The Social Network" who is a selfish douche bag. He used his best friend Eduardo Saverin for his money until Facebook became more well known. Has absolutely no social skills and is not in fact the "creator of Facebook". "His" idea was stolen from two twin brothers at Harvard. He took their general idea and added different elements to it creating the Facebook you see today. The epitome of a douche bag. All according to the movie of coarse.
Bob: Hey Joe do you have that $20 I leant you last week?
Joe: No dude I told you that was an investment.
Bob: Dude don't be a fucking Mark Zuckerberg, I need my money.
by my name is mo jo jo jo November 04, 2010
to royally screw over a friend in a business transaction

to royally screw over anything in general
After my friend, Joe, and I start a successful marijuana dispensary franchise, I am going to Mark Zuckerberg his ass.

You can't Zuckerberg a Zuckerberger.

This weather has been Mark Zuckerberg'ed.
by dr man heguy February 22, 2011
The creator of Facebook
Person 1: Who's Mark Zuckerberg?
Person 2: The creator of Facebook
Person 1: the what?
Person 2: the dude who made the site
Person 1: oh, like Tom on MySpace
Person 2: yea, and Jack Dorsey on Twitter
by applealex March 17, 2010
Verb. To force a taco into an orifice of a little person against their will.
I'm gonna mark zuckerberg the shit out of that dwarf!
by Emilio Estavez12 March 27, 2014
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