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The really good guitarist from Creed and Alter Bridge. Really underrated and under appreciated. People assume that just because he was in Creed he doesn't know to play guitar, just listen to his work in Alter Bridge and you'll see why you're wrong.
Some songs I recommend from Alter Bridge(contain solos by Mark Tremonti):

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Watch Your Words
3. Find The Real
4. Metalingus
by ColeM June 30, 2006
Quite possibly one of the greatest guitar players of our time. He started off playing lead guitar for Creed. When that fell apart, he started Alter Bridge.
Guy 1: "Have you heard "Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad" by Mark Tremonti?"
Guy 2: "No"
Guy 1: "Here listen"
Guy 2 is now speechless
by kzw May 13, 2007
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