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Marja is a name associated with power and awesomeness.

All females with the name Marja should be praised constantly.

Historians have noted that the name derives from a line of Queens, top models and rock stars.

It has been noted that philosophers in the mould of Nostradamus and Albert Einstein have stated that the name Marja should be put away because it would be difficult for any young female to have such a burden placed on their shoulders.

However this theory was rebuked by the AOM (Association of Marja's) who correctly suggested that once a child is named Marja they can automatically take upon such a mantle, as with the name they are the recipient of much greatness, authority and laid-backednesss.

Parents who embed their children with this hallowed name shall receive an all round shining star of a daughter for their knowledgeable choice.
My name is Marja

All hail Marja, the almighty
by Steve S.-Donth8me February 05, 2010
A very intelligent female who is always has the right answer when needed.
Wow you are so smart Marja.
by mememee0101 February 04, 2010
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