The most athletic high school in the state of Georgia. They play up two divisions to give the little 2A guys a chance, and while playing up to 4A, they set a new state record of nine(9) state championships in one year. Chances are that if one goes to a different high school, he or she will wake up every morning wishing he or she will cross paths with a far superior human from Marist in the hope that the excellence wafting off the student's flesh will rub off on him or her.
Dude, I can't believe we go to St. Pius, those guys over at Marist High School are so much better than us.
by sietz March 06, 2011

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Possibly the worst school on the face of the earth filled with a bunch of queers and girls most of the guys are bigger pussies thwn some of the girls. It's a good school to go to If your a girl but if your a guy and you go there you suck at life and no one likes you. All of there sports teams suck although they got lucky this year and made it into the playoffa for football. This school is the worst example of a south side side school there is
Marist high school is the worst school ever
by Didneidhdhdhfdhdh May 08, 2009

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