This person is usually a hoe and also at some point is a control freak.
Man my girl is a marissa.
by Hank1220 December 02, 2013
Antisocial. Marissa is not a social person. She will stare at you when you talk to her and may have a mental disability. Not all marissa's are this way but you will find that most are. Marissa likes naming things with three first names. (see example) Marissa also has a ginger friend, karly.
Marissa named a fish Billy Dave Allen.
by HOWIE August 14, 2012
A beautiful girl who often replaces someone she loves with another guy.
marissa totally replaced me /:
by gayboyswagdoe November 28, 2011
the best friend anyone can have. also everybody's favorite mammal. marissa's are usually funny and can be found in the band room.
friend 1: hey, this is random what is your favorite mammal and where can it be found?
friend 2: oh that one's easy, it's marissa and they are usually found in the band room.
by blackkeys_73 June 28, 2009
Marrissa is equal and or greater to a queer
that queer marissa is getting trolled on facebook
by demonixjjs October 12, 2011
The act of tripping over a flat surface or walking directly into a solid object. Usually done by cheerleaders or blondes.
Person A: -walks into a telephone pole-
Person B: You totally just pulled a Marissa.
by Goldfisher November 29, 2009
Strangely true, but scientifically proven, marissas of the world are 99% incorrect. See this is the correct one... saying that the others are incorrect... if that makes any sense at all. Oh yea and not all are incorrect...
Person 1: Oh look, this is thing here about 'marissa' is wrong
Person 2: Yes, why yes it is.
Person 1: Oh there you are perry.
by pleasant_valley May 25, 2011
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