the best friend anyone can have. also everybody's favorite mammal. marissa's are usually funny and can be found in the band room.
friend 1: hey, this is random what is your favorite mammal and where can it be found?
friend 2: oh that one's easy, it's marissa and they are usually found in the band room.
by blackkeys_73 June 28, 2009
Marrissa is equal and or greater to a queer
that queer marissa is getting trolled on facebook
by demonixjjs October 12, 2011
Strangely true, but scientifically proven, marissas of the world are 99% incorrect. See this is the correct one... saying that the others are incorrect... if that makes any sense at all. Oh yea and not all are incorrect...
Person 1: Oh look, this is thing here about 'marissa' is wrong
Person 2: Yes, why yes it is.
Person 1: Oh there you are perry.
by pleasant_valley May 25, 2011
Looks aren't the only thing when it comes to overall beauty. Although Marissa's are normally decent looking, they have the personality of a fish. She seems kind and caring to some, but her true colors tend to come out. Her true colors are evil and cruel. You might think she is a catch at first, but as soon as you get to know her, you'll throw her back in the water. There are a lot of Marissa in the sea and the reasoning is because no one wants them.
Guy 1: "Dude! Marissa is so hott!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she is however her personality isn't too hott."
by Helga Barnhouse January 06, 2012
The act of tripping over a flat surface or walking directly into a solid object. Usually done by cheerleaders or blondes.
Person A: -walks into a telephone pole-
Person B: You totally just pulled a Marissa.
by Goldfisher November 29, 2009
A slutty ass bitch, that fucks anything and everything she comes in contact with. She looks like a french fry, and has that sort of down syndrom child look on her face. She makes everyone who is in her presence want to vomit and she deserves to get her ass kicked.
Look up the deinition of beastiality, there will be a picture of marissa fucking her dog next to it.
by Kas-sea May 24, 2011
The name Marissa backwards is ass i ram.
People named Marissa like ass sex and lots of it.
Bro, i Marissa hot guys all the time.
by Cup-cake December 27, 2008

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