The pretty witch, daughter of darkness, mother of all demons, and queen of the damned. Succubus named Lilith who is Ananaki. She is untamable, unruly and wife of the leader of the lawless ones. If you make a deal with the devil and seal it with a kiss you will forever be hers.
You don't know love until you have made a deal with Marissa, then you're forever and never hers.
by ShawnNPhx69 July 22, 2015
A best friend who is aweeeesssome at swimming and met Ryan gosling
Fun to be around
Turd turd turd tut is the word
by Me is Natalie November 28, 2013
a black girl who's in the body of a white girl who's treated like a Mexican maid but is a cheerleader who's dating a black guy with a little bit of redneck
"hah , idk" - marissa
by kelley scales April 28, 2013
A guy hopper Usally breaking up with there other man for a best friend. So called a slut,skank, or bitch. She's Usally beautiful and popular, she's popular and funny. Thee most sweetest girl in the world.
Look at that "Marissa" she's such a slut
by Manuel Sanders March 13, 2015
A girl that is emo, hot, likes to sing the guitar solos in songs,

hates justin beiber, acts either high or stoned at all times, and
may be very random.
you: Hey whats the weather like out side?
Marissa: It looks OMG!! Look a squirrel
by EMObITCHES March 20, 2011
This person is usually a hoe and also at some point is a control freak.
Man my girl is a marissa.
by Hank1220 December 02, 2013
Antisocial. Marissa is not a social person. She will stare at you when you talk to her and may have a mental disability. Not all marissa's are this way but you will find that most are. Marissa likes naming things with three first names. (see example) Marissa also has a ginger friend, karly.
Marissa named a fish Billy Dave Allen.
by HOWIE August 14, 2012

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