The sweetest girl in the world. She always puts others before herself. She has long blonde hair and plays soccer and is pro at it. When she holds you, you feel so safe. Like nothing can hurt you. She is easy to fall in love with.
That Marissa is perfect and beautiful.
by Deltasig March 26, 2014
Marissa is a very beautiful strong girl. She tends to hide her feelings in and not let anyone know the truth not even her therapist. She see's the world differently then most people. When people push her down and let's them beat her up with there power of words. She holds in her anger a lot and doesn't have care for herself. She's always the one getting blamed for stuff for stuff she just found out. Marissa likes to flirt but is afraid to talk. She's has very low self-eestem. If she opens up to you just a little bit, don't take that for granted.
"Wow Marissa is funny and crazy"
The funny thing is she hides and they don't know. The crazy thing is that no one will know.
by Unknown.feelings May 30, 2016
A best friend who is aweeeesssome at swimming and met Ryan gosling
Fun to be around
Turd turd turd tut is the word
by Me is Natalie November 28, 2013
cool as fuck hot as hell all the boys want her so other girls don't stand a chance
marissa hash tag fucking hot
by marissa the best July 23, 2016
a black girl who's in the body of a white girl who's treated like a Mexican maid but is a cheerleader who's dating a black guy with a little bit of redneck
"hah , idk" - marissa
by kelley scales April 28, 2013
The most annoying know it all who thinks she has talent. She is always trying to steal guys who her friends like just to annoy them. Often causes drama and tags along with the first person she sees. Usually has brown hair and a big mouth.
That girl needs to go, shes acting like a Marissa.
by weakelderlyyourmom May 10, 2016
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