Is Sexy as Fuck and The Best Friend You Can Have. She is Always Turning Heads. If You See A Marissa Talk To Her You May Have A Chance With Her.
Hey Marissa You Wanna Hang Sometime
How Bout Tonight
by MariiLuvv May 25, 2013
a marissa is a really pretty, funny, crazy, wierd, Russian from Conneticut. She is always there for you no matter how much you get on her nerves. But she can get annoying tooo. but i love her anyway... she has been my bestfriend since 2 grade and is a great friend. Just dont get on her bad side. She is like a bat out of hell when she is mad. No one can stop her. Anyone who gets on her badside all i have to say is....i pray for you.
Annalisa: Is Marissa mad at me?
Me: Yes!!!
Annalisa: oh sh*t... better go dig my own grave....
by Asawyerrr November 06, 2013
A girl who is is verry out standing and understanding she can be shy around people she don't know but once you start talking shit she's right there to with a smart mouth she is so beautiful and if only she new how beautiful she was , everyone around her knows but she doesn't
Marissa, don't curse her out
by Real squad July 15, 2014
Marissa is the best girl in the world she will always catch your eye.and she is beatiful smart funny and completely gorgeous so if you have a Marissa you know she's to good for you so just stay with her and hope she doesn't hate you
Marissa is the best
by Cole clutch April 18, 2015
An amazing girl who is loved by everyone. She is perfect and loves food and gymnastics. She is the best girl who is easily loved. Amazing in the best way!!!!!!!
MMMMM look at hurr she must be a marissa
by carolyl April 24, 2015
The name of a beautiful Guyanese girl from Queens, New York.
Marissa smiles at him in the hallway.
by Cainman September 10, 2013
The sweetest girl in the world. She always puts others before herself. She has long blonde hair and plays soccer and is pro at it. When she holds you, you feel so safe. Like nothing can hurt you. She is easy to fall in love with.
That Marissa is perfect and beautiful.
by Deltasig March 26, 2014

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