The most amazing girl in the world. She is Beautiful. In one word that can describe her is Perfect. she is also very hot. hotter then a fire, even the cold wont cool her down.
brendan: oh my god.. your incredible! "marissa"
by this cool kid August 31, 2010
An amazing girl overall. She's adorable and reminds you of a lil tike. She is lovable, touchable, and fuckable in every sense. You just wish you could just spend the rest of your life with her. She is sexy and has a cute giggle. She is extremely ticklish. She is very caring and gives great massages, in every aspect. Although she can be very defiant, selfish, and childish at times. Otherwise and excellent friend, girlfriend, and wife.
Guy 1: I got a new girlfriend. She's sexy and I can't wait to tap that...
Guy 2: Her name wouldn't be Marissa by any chance?
Guy 1:'d you know?
Guy 2: Because I just got done taping a Marissa.
by HarrySack69 February 27, 2011
Marissa is too beautiful and is definitely the most gorgeous type of person you will ever encounter. Marissa is by far the absolutely best type of person you will and can ever meet. She is amazing at everything she does. Of course, she can be conceited at times, but that what makes people love her. She is funny, attractive, and can give anyone wood. She is confident and very bold, doesn't take shyt from anyone and serves people their asses on a platter. Now her looks surpass that of any other bystander, people tend to drool and get real horny when looking at Marissa. Any sort of guy would be dumbass to lose out on Marissa because she is the best kinda girl you ever gonna want.
aye, i see you got a girlfriend now.
yeah sahn, i got me a Marissa!
by Farissa March 07, 2011
She's a classy/dirty broad! She will break you off when you're dancing and will rock your world! Not many can handle this girl but it happens sometimes.
That girl on the dance floor is such a Marissa!
by Nicholii May 16, 2011
only one word can describe her perfect in every way brings happiness to everyone
Hey man you know who is perfect..Marissa her smile makes my day.
by omakse July 26, 2012
Marissa is the greatest girl will ever meet. She always puts a smile on your face and will always be open to you even on the worst of days. She's very good at taking your terrible times and making them great. Her smile is irresistible and highly contagious. It's easy to make each other laugh when you're with her. She's gorgeous, hilarious, and very sweet. You'll always want to spend time with her. She's a great partner and kisses pretty good ;) you honestly couldn't ask for a better person to be yours forever.
by That#13 October 11, 2013
A girl who is absolutely perfect. She will stand by your side no mater what. A Marissa is gorgeous, cute, funny, smart, attractive, adorable, beautiful, and just plain out pretty. She can brighten anyones day and make you feel better just by seeing her smile. She has black hair and brown eyes. She is good at basketball and tennis. She loves music and her friends. A Marissa is everything a guy could ever ask for in a girl. She makes your head turn and whenever you see her your eyes feel like they are about to pop out of your head, your heart starts beating really fast, and you just want to run up to her and kiss her. You just wish you could stare into her big brown beautiful eyes forever and ever. A guy that has a Marissa knows that he is not good enough for her but he try's his best to be there for her. Any guy who is lucky enough to have her knows that he is the luckiest guy in the world.
Wow! That girl is so hot. She must be a Marissa.
by mrpianofrenchhornman123 November 10, 2013

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