A really NICE person who said i can't say anything mean, but i'm a bitch so i will. She likes to run around nake in the cold cuz it makes her fell naughty.
sorry but i had to say it u can't keep secrets forever.
by i'm sofa king retarted January 29, 2005
Top Definition
the sexiest girl you'll ever meet. she's irresistable to everyone near, including the female species. ladies will drip and men will pitch their tents higher than ever when in the presence of this delicious creature. known as a worldwide aphrodisiac, becoming aroused is unrestrainable around her. beware when visualizing a "Marissa M" in public due to uncontrollable moaning and fondling of one's junk. the instant urge to bend her over and pound her pussy numb is not uncommon. be sure to have your "Marissa M Blinders" handy when around one, because this urge may, in turn, put you in jail.
i got arrested yesterday for raping Marissa M on the subway. i don't know what came over me.
by scubasteve74 April 14, 2009
some chic whos going out with some gueer fag named luis. ha ha marissa you would make out with me! lmao awesome! your one of BFF!!! i luv ya to death.
dude marissa is FN awesome
by Stephanie February 01, 2005
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