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Spanish word, usually translated into English as "gay".


The word "mariquita" is much more harmless than calling a person "maricon" or "marica". The ending "-ita" means "little" so the word would really translate into "pansy" or "fairy", much more innocent words.
>> "Crees que Sergio es gay?"

>> "Noo, solo es un poco mariquita"


>> "Do you think Sergio is gay?"

>> "Nah, he's just a bit of a pansy"
by HellzAngeL13 August 22, 2009
The Spanish word mariquita is = gay, is an insult to the gays.
Synonymous--> Maricón, Maricona.
Your boyfriend is a mariquita, He likes the men!!
by Juanjo September 06, 2005