A term used for indie hipster chicks with massive sex appeal. These are the kinds of girls that usually get exactly what they want when they want how they want with ease and no effort. The world is there for their entertainment. They don't give a rat's ass about anything which usually pisses off a lot of people but only makes them that much more intriguing. They also have a way of conquering the unconquerable. With great power comes many haterz. Mariqueens acquire them with pride. That's just how they roll.
Did you see Jessica pull a Mariqueen? She told her boss to fuck off and instead of firing her he gave her a raise and told her he was in love with her! WTF?!
#mariqueen #sex bomb #temptress #sex appeal #haterz to the left
by stephenybf July 16, 2010
Top Definition
(noun) a transvestite, often very masculine
He's a professional Mariqueen often appearing in drag shows.
#man #masculine #transvestite #dude #eww
by AdamsApple9 July 08, 2010
a chameleon, someone who gives up their original personality to suit another's - usually that of a famous spouse - in order to seek fame and attention. this person wishes only to advance their own career, notoriety, and their motives are propelled by personal gain. additionally, this person is very attractive which enables them to further conceal their deception and malicious to the public. eventually, this person is discovered for the faker that they truly are, and then they are subsequently exposed to the ridicule and disdain with which they treat most everyone else.
what's up with evan rachel wood channeling dita von teese?" "she's pulling a mariqueen so manson will continue to bang her.
#chameleon #faker #impersonator #attractive #fame-seeking #deceptive #false #genuine #true #kind
by htda June 11, 2010
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