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the strongest girls that God paired with the toughest guys. They are loyal and faithful to their men no matter where they are. They are willing to wait an eternity to be with their men.
"She is so tough."
"Duh... Shes a marine girlfriend."
by semperfigirl April 10, 2009
One of the strongest girls you will ever meet. A girl so devoted to the USMC lifestyle and her Marine its crazy!
Marine girlfriend:certified badass. Go ahead and mess with her, if her Marine doesnt kick your ass, she will!
by Meggerz19 February 04, 2009
A girl that will always love you and be by your side, until she's by some other guy's side about 2 weeks after you leave for Iraq or Afghanistan.
I totally boned this Marine girlfriend last night. Her boyfriend is still in Fallujah!
by motivationKILL November 04, 2009
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