1. An elite branch of the U.S. Military that is supposedly bad ass, but it really depends on what unit you're with now. And depending what unit you're with the Marine Corps will FUCK YOU OVER if they feel the need or want to. Their Sales Representative called a Recruiter will lie to you about almost anything to get you to join.
1. Man the Marine Corps is trying to Fuck me over by not letting me take leave, wtf?

2. The Marine Corps Recruiter lied to me when he told me I could go home whenever I wanted as long as I chose the east coast, hmmm what bullshit.

3. The Marine Corps is using the big green weenie to fuck PFC Idontknow over for just drinking under age. That's fucked up ecspecially considering the Recruiter said that your "fellow" Marines did not care and you could trust them. Yeah right...Bullshit!
by cbgm September 14, 2006
-Where men seeking adventure and hardcore challenge go to.
-The most popular branch in the military.
-A group of often arrogant, cocky, and tough mother*******s.
-An occupation where you can apply to if you want to be bossed around, hazed, and be a fowl mouth.
-Trained to operate in both land and water.
-Requires intelligence like any other military occupations. Anyone saying the opposite of this is dumb and should realize it takes some brains (and courage) to survive in a hostile environment.
-Their motto is: Semper Fi (or Semper Fidelis, meaning first to fight)
Guys who get in the Marine Corps often brag about how tough they are and constantly belittle the Army.
by Bald Wiener March 15, 2007
A common term used to describe a bunch of brainwashed faggots who think that they're better than the rest of the branches, while in reality they have inferior training, technology, and intelligence. They claim to be brave but yet only their special ops personnel have the balls to jump out of airplanes, while in the Army thousands of soldiers go to jump school every year.
They claim that their basic training is tough, but yet their drill sergeants don't curse and they have chicks trained at the same location, just like Army pogues. Only their Infantrymen are worthy of respect. All of their pogues who sit behind a computer or change tires all day claim to be trained in infantry tactics, yet I'm sure that none of them know how to set up a hasty ambush, do a squad attack(aka battle drill 1A, the basic battle drill that every infantryman has memorized), call for fire, estimate range, or ruck march for miles on end with a 60 pound ruck on their back. But they know all that infantry stuff CUZ THEY WENT TO BOOT CAMP IT WAZ HARDCORE OORAH! lol. They don't know the true misery standing up for the 10 minute warning on a C130 with more than 100 pounds hanging in front of your knees, then jumping out and doing a 10 day field problem out in the middle of nowhere, living out of a patrol base and sleeping for less than two hours a night.

To sum it up: Huge ego as a result of brainwashing, but little in the way of intelligence or combat skills.
Joe: Dude, this stupid marine corps private made fun of an army combat veteran!

Steve: Why?

Joe: He thought he was hardcore because he graduated from bootcamp!


by poopmasterflex December 29, 2008
Formed in November of 1775, people like to say Marines are better than special forces.... seeing as there have been many many thousands of dead Marines in our nation's past and about 10 dead SEALS in the past 43 years, it's safe to say Marines are just bait. Great branch to join if you're looking to get out in 4 years with no skill to offer to civilian life
"I enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school"

"Why? You didn't want to have a future?"
by SlovakChlop June 11, 2006
A Brainwash Camp in the US where multiple subjects (mainly people of color) are brainwashed into fighting for there country with no knowledge of whats happening or what they are fighting for, mainly a pawn in the chess game for the US to control the world and opress the nations.
Did you know the US stole Nazi Scientists who were assigned to brainwash Germany, to make them work for the US to find various brainwashing techniques to control the people, these brainwashing techniques are used to an extreme while in the Marine Corps.
by Kill-A-Pig February 07, 2005
Pansy boys who could be eaten alive by the Navy Seals
I heared A marine got his arse handed to him by a seal
by that guy January 31, 2005
A group of high school dropouts that desperately wants to be like the infantry. Organization and organic weapon systems suited for a shock force only; the marine corps is commonly used as a conventional infantry force and subsequently manages to take more casulties than their infantry counterparts. Marines are too arogant to be called "soldiers" and too stupid to take cover when a fire-fight starts.
When you need a force of unintelligent drones, ready to take an objective by sustaining tremendous casulties, thus depleting the enemies ammunition, send in the marine corps. When you want an objective destroyed by overwhelming firepower, superior tactics, a feat of combined arms mastery, staying power, and the flexability to perform a variety of missions.....send in the Army!!!
by Matt March 28, 2005

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