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Quaint little town off of the Straights of Ste. Clair. As many bars as there are churches. Best High School football team in the state! Great place to float down the river and enjoy a good buzz...

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just hang around get stoned, and look at the water...
The Marine City Mariners ROCK!
Let's go cruise the circle in Marine City.
Who wants a Sunrise Pizza?
by buddahskarma March 19, 2009
Small town on the St. Clair River. Its not so bad.
Marine Citys not so bad, thank god we don't live in Algonac
by MCbooter March 17, 2010
A drama infested small town that would do great on some kind of reality show. State Champs, and lots of alcohol and drugs.
Weed. Coke. Shrooms. Alcohol. Ecstacy. Vicoden. Bi chicks. Sunrise. The Edison. Marine City.
by JT122222 March 15, 2009
Sluts, Man whores, Drugs, STD's, Sunrise, Drugs, Alcoholics, and nothing to do...
Marine City sucks, lets go to St. Clair.
by EhhSteve June 12, 2008

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