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A person who is named Marinah tends to be very outgoing and vivacious. A Marinah is very creative and free spirited. Loves to laugh and makes a effort to bring the others around her in on her laughter. Is very caring and thoughtful. Marinahs can commonly have mothering-like nurturing characteristics that are held very dear to her. Marinah as per her boat dock name similarity, are very fond of water and the ocean and an excellent swimmer. She lights up a room when she walks in to it and has an electrifying personality. She is a great conversationalist and can captivate her audience's attention
"Wow! Marinah and I had such a great time talking over coffee yesterday!"
by carmenLDR January 08, 2014
ohh that slut. She gets around everywhere, (croatan high) call her up! Shes dumb as can be and one of the most iggnorant people youll ever meet! She fuckes between each meal, and twice on weekends. Walkin STD is what she answers to! Lets just get it straight, if you dont wanna die a virgin, but from some kind of disease, call dat hoe up!
Person 1: Hey. I had sex with a guy last night..
marinah: I had sex with 8..
by yaknow1234 November 21, 2011
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