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1) in reference to Marilyn Monroe, one of the hottest women ever to walk the earth.

2) whom every white girl wants to be like/a girl who sleeps around.
You probably have heard she slept with all the politicians in town, she's a Marilyn.
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
person who farts a lot
did you hear that?

she just marilyned
by fenix184 November 17, 2011
A girl with a slender body, a small ass, and sexy boobies. Although intelligent can be quite the air head. Has great fashion sense and likes guys with big sticks and loves to fuck in a class room.
Did you see that girl yesterday?

Was she fine?


Had to be Marilyn.
by cherrylove629 January 04, 2011
A piercing done above the lip in the same position on the face of Marilyn Monroe's infamous beauty spot. Favored by sluts, but is also done by rockers who don't have any other unpierced body parts left. The labret looks rather like a big zit made of metal.
Did you know that 85% of teen mothers have a marilyn?
by Sarah666 August 15, 2007
A teenager who is classified to be a 'scene' poser.
Their apparel usually consists of black glasses, black hair (died), tight jeans, and a band T.
Their music taste consists of a mix of screamo and crunk.
They like to tell people that they weigh less than they actually do.
Men are attracted to Marilyns often. What they don't know is that the Marilyn will end up breaking their heart by cheating on them.

If you are a woman, be afraid. This Marilyn might just steal your boyfriend.
If you are a man, then expect a good time.
Girl: I can't believe that Marilyn went out with seven guys in a month! That slut!
by zeeveezee February 23, 2009