An amazing and absolutely stunning person in life. She can be weird at times but that will add to how much you can like her. A hard worker and won't stop at anything to impress you. There's nothing she can't do to stop her from achieving her dreams. Sometimes, she may have trouble with a relationship, but that won't stop her from making new ones. It's sometimes hard for her to be straightforward, but when she does, it's with 110% confidence. Other times, you don't need her to explain how she feels. There's always a story in her eyes.
" Marika the Great"
by Eeyoregoesmooooooo January 23, 2013
Top Definition
Bestest person like ever :)
If you know a Marika,
She's amazingg. <3
Person1:Did you see Marika today?
Person2: YES! She's amazing.
by Punkieee. March 10, 2009
A greek girl who is "the shit."

A greek girl who lives in S-town ct and is loved by everyone!!!!!!!!
Girl number 1: Hey, you wanna chill tonight?
Girl number 2: well i already made plans with this friggin awesome girl......
Girl number 1: OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!!! its that amazing greek girl that everyone knows and loves........Marika
by her obsessed admirer October 03, 2010
a slut that likes to do things with your boyfriend behind your back. a ho that is willing to do, buy, and lie just so she can get what she wants. a flat chested person with a really weird smile
"there goes marika!"

"marikas are ugly"
by hiyah001 June 03, 2009
The Mexican Leprechaun queen of the watercress fields of Pearlridge Marika. Likes to use her magically delicious lucky charms to lure drunken old saggy smelly hairy men into her grass hut where she rapes them to death and then uses their bodies to feed her pet mutant chickens.
marikkaaa: okay okay
marikkaaa: i admit
marikkaaa: once i find the perfect guy
marikkaaa: i am going to get a sex change
marikkaaa: so that i can be in a homosexual relationship
marikkaaa: and have an excuse to have buttsex all the time

"marika penis"
by kleb January 18, 2008
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