umm..marielle is cool..
Although her boyfriend is cooler, she still manages to be super cool
by Pacman February 05, 2005
Top Definition
Someone worthy of supercoolness.

See "Supercool"
Marielle is so cool, she's supercool.
by Joey McSuperCool February 04, 2005
The most amazing girl anyone will ever meet. Nice, caring, funny, and a great friend. Marielle is always thoughtful and friendly to everyone. Probably the strongest girl you will ever know. Though she might have been through a lot, she still walks with a smile on her face. Easily hurt and sensitive, but can very romantic if she tries. Normally gorgeous, Marielle is the type of girl you should never let go. Like ever.
Oh my god she is such a Marielle!
I know right! So nice and down to earth!
by HelloHelloGoodbye October 30, 2013
a large breasticals sweet thang, with a stunning personality and as funny as jerry seinfield. she also enjoys the brandon....see the brandon.
That beautiful Marielle looks sore from the Brandon.
by Butt sniffer March 19, 2005
Super pretty (when she grows out of that awkward stage...)

Someone that's TOO loyal! She'll follow someone around until they backstab her...
OMG! She's turing into a total Marielle! We better go help!
by just trying to help January 21, 2012
Sexy person, who really enjoys teasing others.
Also can be a girl with large breasts and sexy lips.
if one can sucessfully seduce and get with a Marielle, they would be given the time of their lives.
"Oh man hat girl is a total Marielle, she had me thinking i was gonna get it all night!"
"Did you?"
"Nah She was a real Marielle and I didnt get lucky"
by Atmogs March 28, 2012
An unbelievably, drop dead gorgeous diva, who is probably going to be the highest paid VS model in history, very very soon.
Hot damn, look at that chick!
Who is that?
Don't you know, man, that's MARIELLE!
Her body and face are both like, OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
She knows.
by femalespeciman May 01, 2013
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