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faggot in spanish
Tony Montana: " You Fucking Maricons"
by Juan December 28, 2003
Latino English and Spanglish

1) Derogatory term; crude word for a gay man used by straight men and women to insult gay men or to question the masculinity of straight men. Comparable to faggot. 2) A crude word for transvestites, comparable to tranny but more rude. 3) Affectionate term of address used by certain gay men to address other gay men, often in jest. 4) Term of address used by many South American girls, especially Chileans, to address one another.
"Loser you a maricón."
"Mis amigas me dijeron que they saw you making out wit a guy, they said you a maricón!" (My girlfriends told me they saw...)
"Voy a mirar unas maricónes con mi novia nueva, I didn't wanna go but she likes that kind of thing you know" (I'm going to go watch a drag show with my new girlfriend, I didn't...)
"Yo te digo que all men are cholos, maricón" (I tell you, all men are cholos, -.)
"Hola maricón que pasa"
by Mark Williamson June 15, 2006
spanish for "faggot"
"Chupa mi huevos, maricon!"

"Lick my balls, faggot!"
by Tommy F. September 02, 2005
Spanish derogatory word for a gay person similar to faggetin english.

In Puerto Rico aka as pato.
¡Eres un maricon!

You are a maricon!
by Taíno boy December 13, 2003
Sissy-boy... An emasculated man. Not nessessarily gay.
¿Porqué estás jugando con muñeca? ¡Eres maricón!
by Andrew March 15, 2005
Spanish, slang, noun,adjective: derogatory name for a homosexual, litterally means "like Maria"
That maricon Jose gives great head. Me and my boys got that fag the other night.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
A guy who likes other guys or cries for everything.
Hey Maricón you forgot your purse!

Bush Maricón!!!
by Daniel Casas July 13, 2006
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