A talented, dramatic coloratura soprano, with an outstanding voice range. One of the few who can sing in their whistle register for long periods of time.
Mariah Carey's vocal profile:

Octave Range: approx. 5 (A2–G7)
Longest Note: 20 seconds in the song "Lead the way".
Highest Recorded Notes: G7, G7#, F7, E7
Lowest Recorded Notes: A2, A2#, B2
by Cyndane May 18, 2005
The most prettiest Best lookingest sexiest beautifulest girl on the planet who is on the Queen of R&B. She deserves at least 20 awards for her beauty and 10000 more for her existence. Everbody on the planet loves her!!! And her hair and singing is even more amazing.
Justin: "Do You like Mariah Carey?"
Nayeli: "Yeah she's so beautiful and amazing. She's perfect in every way. There will only be one Mariah, and no one else can take her place. I love her! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!"
Justin: "What about Ariana?"
Nayeli: "No. Fuck that bitch"
Singer who scream/sings and whose songs are the same.
Oh great, Mariah Carey is number 1 on the charts again, yawn.
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
Damn it, she's my future wife! Even If I have to bio-genetically clone her!
Mariah Carey(N.) The hottest singer on the damn planet. Makes Beyonce look like a two and J-Ho like a Negative ten! She can really sing, but that's not what most males of the human race care about. Mariah Carey is 5'10", 125 lbs, 33 years old, and is hot as F**k!
Mariah Carey is so hot, I'd even sit through "Glitter" for her. If I had a machine to do so, I'd make her Giant Sized just so there would be more of her.
by G-Union August 19, 2003
Having a complete meltdown (usually involving your career as a bad actor).
That chick is about to go mariah carey!!!!
by d13 1n 4 F123 April 07, 2007
Mariah Carey is a legend! Hands down, beats the shit out of any other artist, with 77 weeks at #1, 17 #1's, 5 #1 Albums, 170 Million records sold 6 octave range, and the looks to fill it out what more to you want? Pure godessss!
"I gave you the definition, now go buy her album as in go buy Mariah Carey's album!"
by Curtis Luvs Mimi March 20, 2006

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