A mariah is the most incredibly sexy human being ever to walk the face of the earth. She has a huge butt and beautiful brown eyes and soft skin. But if you get on her bad side she will cut you with the knives she has in her bra. She is the most kind, loyal, and sweet friend or girlfriend you will ever have. She gets easily annoyed when guys that have absolutely NO CHANCE with her try to talk to her. She will most likely ignore them or if they really annoy her, she will most likely cuss you out.
"Hey who is that fine ass girl over there?"

"Ooo, that's Mariah"
by SoccerBoy15 April 26, 2013
an amazing girl, with a bubbly personality, she is loved by everyone, and has the whole world to look forward too, she's intelligent, beautiful, passionate and very kind hearted. Everyone who has a Mariah in their life is very luck
Mariah is a girl everyone needs in their life, shes very supportive and beautiful.
by Mr Puff July 02, 2011
THE MOST AMAZING girl you will ever meet in your life.

Sometimes mean, but it doesn't really matter, she's still amazing.
Dude 1: You know Mariah?

Dude 2: Yeah, why?

Dude 1: Dude, she is such an amazing person!
by heramazingfriend July 05, 2011
She is amazing, talented (in so many ways I find it hard to even begin), BEAUTIFUL as heaven, sweet, a lil` cutie, blows any guys mind when she walks past, so funny she will make you piss your pants, a smell that makes you melt into a puddle, owns the sexiest ghetto booty in the world, can own you in her sleep (so don't even try to step her out), unbelievable dancer, soft luscious lips, the most remarkable and STUNNING eyes ever, a body that will make you want to spend all your money on, and a smile to DIE for and PERFECT..
She takes you by surprise everytime you see or talk to her, she knows exactly what to say to bring you out of that sad crusty mood you alwasy seem to be in and she's ALWAYS the one person you want to see when things are bad, good or just normal!
"Damn, I can't seem to keep my mind off Mariah"
person 1: "Who's that hot chick over there?"
person 2: "Oh, that's sarah"
person 1: "nah not her, I mean that sexy as one with that perfect body and ass to remember!"
person 2: "OHHH! Yeah that's MARIAH" ;)
by chavvy69 April 23, 2011
That Girl. That girl that everyone loves, even though she is crazy. You can't help but to like her cause she is beautiful. She cares deeply about everyone and everything. She has amazing eyes, yet a small butt. Boys think she is a total H@wtiee. She is a great best friend who will always have your back.
I love Mariah, she's the bombdiggity!
by edawggg January 09, 2011
To have a mental breakdown and go crazy; to be hostile and throw items. Word originates from Mariah Carey's mental breakdown that was a result from her film flop "Glitter"
"Boy, don't make me go Mariah on your ass!"
by Luis H March 17, 2006
a mariah is usually beautiful and is great in bed she is funny, smart, cool, likes weed, can hold her liquur well and is a very good brainer thats good for all her boyfriends and she is so chill to hang with so give a mariah a try you wont regret it
wow mariah last night was great

you can tell shes a mariah by the way she licks her lips
by austen james May 27, 2009

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