A woman with incredible vocal ability whose career has been, unfortunately, played second fiddle to her ongoing 'issues'

Before she went ghetto she was arguably the most popular female pop artist on the planet.
Mariah Carey has a damn good voice
by Johnny April 29, 2005
Mariah Carey is a PRATT! she's a dumb mixed race, crooner. why do so many people like the bitch? she cant sing for toffe and looks like a decaying horse's rear-end! she dreeses like a confused 'gangsta' pikey on drugs!
she's a role moddel for young, confused adolescent girls, breaking up with their 2 week boyfriends. How great would it be to encourage young girls to kill theselves over a guy?

Mariah Carey - Shoot the ugly Bitch!
a highly dellousional, mixed race teen: *crys* i cant believe i broke up with Runako!! after 2 weeks! i loved him.. how could he do this to me? *crys*
**Mariah Carey 'we belong togeather' comes on radio**
highly dellousional, mixed race teen: thats it. Mariah's been through it... i must kill myself. that's what she would do.
**Mariah Carey 'can i get ya number baby' comes on radio**
dillusional mixed race teen: in fact. i think i'll go give my nmber to a nigger, get raped n killed in a clubs toilets...
by Mariah Carey should die! December 09, 2005
Some chick who sings r&b and I don't care how "pretty" her voice sounds, her music is so lame and b-o-r-i-n-g. Her horrible songs get played everywhere.
She wears really skanky outfits too. Why would anyone look up to her as a role model?
Mariah Carey fan: "Like you are sooo jealous of her because she is pretty and can sing."

Me: "Jealous my fucking ass. I don't want little ghettofied people worshiping me everywhere I go."
by rageagainstthemachinefan August 20, 2005
Mariah Carey is now known for her Lip-Synch on the VMA's and horrible peformance on BET awards. Her voice from past years is gone and can not not hit the high notes anymore from all the drinking and smoking. Which leads to believe that most of her new CD "The Emancipation Of Mimi" was computer made.
Did you see how horrible Mariah Carey sang at the VMA's, and the fake "High" notes.
by DallyBoy September 06, 2005
Best selling female artist, best selling over all artist of the '90s, possesses a five-octave vocal range, but is the biggest prima donna in the world; with her fake boobs, cheesy smile, and cutesy-this, innocent-that demeanor, it's as if she thinks she's still a teenager.
Brittany: That Mariah Carey can really sing!
Lydia: Yeah, but she's the biggest diva out there, she looks down on people, and she's totally fake.
by Quack Quack May 27, 2005
an annoying woman who shouldn't even be classified as a musician. i can't stand her voice. it is too raspy. her songs are even more annoying than her voice. plus, she can't dance to save her life. it so boring seeing her videos. i can almost puke when i hear her and see her.
person: i can't stand mariah carey.
me: do you want to be my best freind because i totally agree with you!
person 2: mariah carey is so hot and she is a talented singer!
me: how do you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning! mariah carey is a lousy singer and has no talents whatsoever. have you seen her movie glitter? i mean come on, that shouldn't even be classified as a movie! okay, you know what, why don't you just get away from me, now!!
by gap06 January 05, 2006
Half black half white singer. She mostly sings some R&B or some slow jams. Can sing with her voice really high which is pretty hard so that shows that shes talented.
things i like about mariah carey is that shes talented and lovin her songs.


things i hate about mariah carey is that shes a racist to filipinos.
by uhhhhh September 22, 2004

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