An amazing singer who has a range of five octaves although she can hit eight,(as demonstrated in her song Emotions, among others) Writes, produces, and sings all of her songs. Bi-racial, African-American, Irish, and Venezuelan. Has a heart of gold, she does not just give to charity, she takes time out of her schedule to help needing people, and this isn't just a one time thing, she does this A LOT. Here genre is mostly catagorized as RnB, people who say it is Pop, are wrong, unless you count some of her explosive ballads. She has a strong sense of faith. Has been labeled a diva.

Also can be used instead of saying the word breakdown. Mariah Carey is a type of breakdown. A Mariah Carey Breakdown=
not sleeping and not eating because you are working so much...and with the lack of these functions one finds themselves feeling dizzy, disoriented, tired tired tired, possibly unloved, and just in need of some one will try and have fun, but will go so far out that everyone around thinks you've gone completely mad. So you separate yourself, trying to avoid the public eye, because you don't want anymore false rumors than need try and get some time to yourself, and you try and watch your behavior more, but then that damn career/school pops up again and its back to work...but you are so out of whack by now that instead of doing what you are "supposed" to be doing, you recoil to a somewhat isolated place, where you, again, try and find solice, but this time, you kind of just pass out, and then you find the people around you checking you into a hospital because this is the only way you can get the rest, nutrients, and peace that you need, until finally you can recover and recuperate(?) from this extreme exhaustion and malnutrition. This can be abbreviated as MCB.
Mariah Carey has just made yet another #1 single!

I'm a complete mess and I'm on the verge of a Mariah Carey Breakdown.
by McBailey January 02, 2008
only the hottest girl in the world
"holy crap she's soooooo damn hot....must be MARIAH gonna bone her...someday"
by muh rye uh care eeeee April 02, 2003
i don't know about you all, but i think it would be nice if some people learned how to spell.
by mar-eye-a care-E September 01, 2003
Has a great voice, but is possibly one of the most irrating people on the face of our planet.
* She is very fake and her attitude sucks !
* She loves herself and is up her own ass !
* She is pretty damn ugly due to being made of 90% plastic parts that are starting to melt !
Mariah Carey has a great voice but a shit attidute and a turd like face !
by flammablepiss September 27, 2007
An Old Ass Bitch thinking she is young.
This Bitch Puts on pounds of make up to hide wrinkles, Wears skimmpy clothing to show off cellulite and Marries a man half her age to prove to the world she is 27 when we all know she is 48... Stay Ya AGE!!!!
Mariah Carey went to the Bahamas with her untalented husband Nick Cannon
by bUtTaH kUP April 11, 2009
A great singer for pop music. is currently married to nick cannon.
Gossiper: hey i heard mariah carey and nick cannon are gonna have a child?
2nd gossiper: yah, i'd call her a cougar haha
by jesse091432 March 14, 2009
A very vocally talented woman who has a good heart, and still somewhat attractive but not like she used to be (like the Butterfly era). She used to have a hot career, but since "Rainbow" it hasn't done as well. The main problem with Mariah is she refuses to age.
Mariah Carey tries to still be 15.
by Black Kat November 13, 2006

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