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A face that is ugly due (at least in part) to the use of plasic surgery. Whether in an attempt to correct flaws or just to improve a decent face, sometimes the use of surgery causes recipient to have a Margarine face.
Person 1: Did you see what Kathy Griffin did to herself?

Person 2: I sure did. Before, she wasn't perfect or nothing, but now she's got a Margarine face.
by Mike Grant September 04, 2007
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A female with an attractive body, but a "marginally" attractive face(hence the use of the word "margarine"). A margarine face is a female whose face barely exceeds the minimum requirements for an attractive face, as not be ugly. A margarine face is slightly more attractive than a butter face, as a butter face has no facially attractive features whatsoever.
I saw a girl with a great body the other day, but her face wasn't all that attractive. She was a total margarine face.
by puggyface April 15, 2009
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When the face of a woman is actually the most attractive part of her. This is the opposite of butter face, in which everything about her is hot but-her face.
Dave: I met with the girl from myspace finally.
Steve: Oh how did that go?
Dave: Not so good, she was a total margarine face, now I know why all her profile pictures were of just her face. She had mad cankles.
by Shruggerx November 26, 2009
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As opposed to a butter face--a girl with a hot body but an ugly face--a margarine face is a girl with a hot body, but an average face. A margarine face is better than a butter face because margarine is not as bad for as you butter.
Dude, I was walking behind these two girls on the sidewalk and they had the most amazing asses I've ever seen. But then I saw their faces. The girl on the left was ugly as sin. TOTAL butter face! However, the girl on the right wasn't as ugly, so she was a margarine face.
by Marge Arinface March 10, 2008
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A female with a gorgeous body, but a face riddled with acne and oil.
She better take care of that margarine face before the swimsuit competition!
by Joshua Cohen April 30, 2007
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A girl/woman who would normaly be considered a butter face but only has half of nice body but still has a considerably unattractive face. This could be a girl with a nice ass and small titties or vice versa.
"dude, that girl is such a Margarine Face... huge tits but no ass or face."
by hanson5 August 14, 2011
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