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Empress of the new right, idol of the conservative partyand daily mail readers everywhere. Famous for beating the hell out of Argentina when they tried to take back the Falklands (the falkwhat? - exactly) - a teeny bunch of islands off the south cost of Argentina that nobody had ever heard of.

Responsible for the miners strikes of the 80s, 'black wednesday', the poll tax and making council houses available to be bought by their occupants.

She famously said "This ladys not for turning" over the poll tax. The old dear was eventually made to shut the hell up and remove the tax that was massively unpopular.

The old Iron Lady did not do much for feminism. You finally get a woman in charge and she messes everything up. Ta very much Mags!

Looks strangely like Noel Edmonds when a beard is drawn on her
Margaret Thatcher: "The peasants are revolting. Jeeves, send out the police to batter them senseless"
by Boylio March 12, 2006
201 94
Former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Synonyms: bitch, conservative, evil, failure, warmonger, nazi
Antonyms: sensible, liberal, decent, success, peace, prosperity
Sheep farming in the Falklands, re-arming in the fucklands
Fucking sheep in the homelands, her majesty's forces are coming

The song "Sheep Farming in the Falklands" by Crass is about the Falklands War, and how Margaret Thatcher is a warmongering bitch.
by streetlightmanifesto28 August 25, 2009
97 41
Late, great, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the best thing since sliced bread. Famous for bitch-slapping socialism into submission and then taking a dump on it's corpse. The BBC and Guardian like to portray the idea that everyone hates her, but in reality she won three general elections, the Tories won a fourth, then New Labour won three more using her policies. On top of that she was voted the 16th greatest Briton of all time and scores high in opinion polls, even up north. The far-left simply hate her because she made them her bitches.
What's that? Margaret Thatcher destroyed British industry? Actually, I think you'll find that according to the Office of National Statistics, manufacturing grew by 7.5% under her premiership compared to a 5% decline under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, while she shut down less mines than Labour PM Harold Wilson.
by john jellicoe December 19, 2013
22 7
A total idiot who systematicly destroyed a whole industry and ruined england. unfortunatley the tories still live. admired by some - hated by more
"you're a tosser, you're a tosser and you're just a tory swine"

"I'm extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end." - Margaret Thatcher
by Katie-Ann May 06, 2008
70 99
Prime Minister of Great Britain during the 1980's
A goat with a stick up its asshole
So, did you ever meet margaret thatcher?

Hmm yes it was like meeting a goat with a stick up its asshole
by Feelmidick November 01, 2006
59 96
A weed-smoking session, generally involving four heads or more.
I love myself a nice Margaret Thatcher when I'm hanging out with mah niggahs!
by Ginger Giant March 21, 2009
10 78
Apparently the "worst" PM Britain ever had, yet she was voted into power 11 years in a row, and her party 18 years.

Took us out of the 1979 winter of discontent and stopped organised labour groups from running the country. An individualist, a strong woman and a damn good PM.

Put Britain on the largest bull market the world has ever seen, namely lasting 12 years.

Thats why she was the longest serving PM there has ever been in this country.
Maggie Thatcher, Tory PM.
by poopoomoomoo June 24, 2005
74 189