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the typical name for a frequent 'youtuber'.
Girl 1: Ohmygoodness! I just found the funniest video on youtube today!
Girl 2: You are such a Maretta.
Guy 1: I just want to check if Shane Dawson added a new video today, one minute.
Guy 2: Dude, you're a Maretta!
Maretta: Clooo
Mariam: Kourttt
Maretta: Clo.
Mariam: Kourt.
Maretta: Cloeeee
Mariam: Kourtneyyyy
Maretta: Cloe.
Mariam: Kourtney.
Maretta: We talked for hours.
(immitation of youtube video)
by proudyoutuber January 09, 2010
A person so short people think shes a dwarf. who usually has blue eyes and brown hair,
Guy 1: Your short.
Maretta: ...
by AllTimeLoww January 08, 2010

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