woman with a big muff.
you can see marena's muff when she wears her shorts.
Top Definition
1. N-The best best friend you could have!
2. Not a slut!
Wow, i wish my friend could be a "Marena".
by Molena July 22, 2009
In Latin, Italian, Greek and Spanish, the name Marena means- of the sea. The name Marena is most often used as a girl name or female name. Marena is also translated as "little Mary" in Italian.
Marena - Star of the Sea
by LittleSeaStar February 04, 2010
The most awesome girl you could ever wish for. She has jet black hair, eyes like fire and the most seductive voice ever. Shes funny, smart, sweet and of course, beautiful. The kind of girl that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside and could soften a man's heart of stone. I love you Marena :)
Man #1- Damn, did you see that girl Marena?
Man #2- Yes! She's a keeper.
by thatfunnyguy11 May 05, 2016
1) N. a person who tends to be skanky. whoreish, or any other variation of a slut.
2) N. A person who tends to get drunk and fuck people(usually ugly and wierd)
3) N. a girl that likes to make friends then back stab them.
4) N. a girl that likes to steal, or try to steal, boy friends; a homewrecker
5) N. a girl that thinks everyone likes her, but in reality they hate her.
6) Adj. just plain ugly.
Ew. Did you hear what that girl girl did last night? shes just like Marena.
by Emily Andrews February 22, 2008
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