one who doesn't eat. someone with the appetite of a squirrel. usually stupid and unappealing.
Why don't you eat? Oh, that's right your a mareena.
by Big Momma10 February 18, 2009
Top Definition
There's more than one way to spell the name "Mareena". But this spelling? This spelling is for incredibly intelligent women. This spelling adds a uniqueness to these women and shows that they don't follow social norms. Don't try to micromanage these Mareenas because they will find a sneaky way to get back at you. Their determination is not matched by many and it tends to make them slightly socially unaware. But, that awareness gets better with age and maturity. Overall, Mareenas have got it going on!
Friend: Have you met Mareena?
Person: No, who's that?
Friend: When you meet her, you'll understand.
by Why821 December 06, 2012
Mareenas are some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you are with a Mareena you are lucky, because they are always loyal and dedicated. Mareenas typically have banging bodies and tend to be freaks in the sheets. Mareenas can fight so don't mess with them. The different spelling shows a unique and intelligent women. Mareenas are always fun and love to just chill with you. If you don't know a Mareena, you better find one.
Dude have you met my girlfriend?

No but I heard she's a Mareena.
by Ritzcrackers666 January 02, 2014
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