An over-confident douche. Plays off of the past and uses fictional situations to scare others into submission. Most threats involve the shaving of one's head using teeth or pouring acid onto a person as punishment. Don't expect a Mares to pronounce anything correctly.
Le Chateliers (pronounced chardonnay by Mares') formula blah blah blah.
by Phillolz June 22, 2011
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a female horse.
john loves to have sex with mares
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
An expression of negative emotion towards an object or situation. Derived from the word night-mares, meaning mares of the night.
Oh mares, i have shit my shorts.
by Maccy Moosle July 16, 2005
Slang for marebeshaw.
"that Mare really loves her Drewbeanpoochachskoo."
by beanlover April 17, 2008
Short for "nightmare".
Bad luck.
Unfortunate circumstances.

Usually "having a mare".
Having a bad day - "Dude, I'm having a MARE!"

Watching sports on TV - "Oh, man, Yao Ming's having a MARE!"
by theKiwi April 29, 2005
To party
"Get your pare face on"

"Let's go mare"

"It's gonna be such a mare"
by lina.bina April 11, 2009
A woman who meets at least three of the following five qualities:

1. Between the ages of 35 and 60
2. Is a lesbian
3. Is heavy set
4. Works in various service industries including postal worker, bank teller, plumber, firefighter, construction worker, and/or Wal-Mart greeter
5. Has a short, manly haircut

As a bonus way to identify a Mare, many Mares often enjoy enjoy eating at Ryan's buffet, or "the trough." They can also be spotted wearing sweatpants, plaid, moo moos, and wrangler jeans.

See also: Filly
Kid: "Hey Dad, did Sparky bite that old man who brings our mail again?"
Dad: "No son, that was just a Mare. Her hide is tougher than a thousand sheets of steel."
by caro mio February 28, 2009

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