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A cardigan worn by a male, with varying degrees of fabulousness.
Mister Rogers was an extremely famous and well-loved mardigan-wearer. Rufus Humphrey, a character in Gossip Girl, has recently taken to wearing mardigans while counseling his son on teen pregnancy.
by Stellebella July 29, 2008
A cardigan worn by men. Many consider this an essential piece of clothing to be worn at all times. It has a cult following in Oxford, where it's use has been pioneered by none other than J-Clay himself.
You look nice tonight, I like your mardigan
by Mizzler Bizzler February 05, 2009
Worn by that friend you aren't quite sure of; the mardigan says "I'm not dangerous" to the ladies, at the expense of saying "hey sailor" to the boys.
The aspiring metrosexual should be well equipt with a mardigan.
"man, steve is on fire tonight..."
"yeah, must be the mardigan"

"hey, can I buy you a drink"
"Sorry dude, I'm not actually..."
"OH, My bad, just assumed on account of fetching woolpiece"
by downinduram February 08, 2012