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mar-cee g-ur-ls (NOUN)

1. A group of girls that attended Marcy Open in minneapolis, Minnesota or were "adopted" in to that group of girls . Theese girls are known for starting drama & are usually extremley clique-y. They find the term " Marcy Girls " offensive, unless used by one of them. People use this term as an insult. Marcy Girls are amazing, according to them . They're pretty much the coolest girls ( in there own heads ). You can often find them in prospect park, or North Minneapolis hanging out and gossiping, maybe even drinking there parents alchohol or smoking really crappy weed, or swallowing a pill they found on the table. They're known for experimenting.
Even though not many people like them, alot of boys want to date them. You'll see most marcy girls in long-term relationships or having a numerous amount of flings.
" I hate those Marcy Girls , they're drama addicts ! "
" Ben Stein was acting like SUCH a marcy girl today ! "
by southstudent March 26, 2007
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