They smell of bad things but can be quite funny sometimes. I lied they are really annoying with there high pitch voices. No one likes them apart from their mums who even they want to kill them. They are also usually homosexual
That guys a real marcus
Wow im feeling reall marcusy right now
by S to the M Mcleod April 01, 2013
A scrawny and gay kid who will most likely never become a man or lose his virginity.
Man, that kid is a Marcus, he cries a lot.
by somethingpotato123 June 05, 2016
A dick head who likes to suck on old men's dick while getting butt fucked by Antwon.He's also apart of this gay team called ik that has a bunch of randies on it.Basically Marcus is an overall dickhead who likes to start arguments and is more bipolar than A girl on her period also perplex is better then him at every cod.
Artic:hey have you seen Marcus?
Noble:nah,but I heard he's trying to get some extra money suckin dick to pay Antwon to leave him alone.
by Oblivions dad May 04, 2016
Someone that stay stuntn, very well dressed with many talents, in and out of the bedroom. He has a name for himself so, everyone wants him. He love young girls. A smart, sweet, intellectual, loving and caring man. A man who takes huge dumps. If he likes you, hell pay all your bills to make sure you fall inlove with him. He crazy, he'll stalk you. He tends to tell many lies for no reason. but will make you laugh a lot, and can make you the happiest girl at sometimes. He texts you everyday and talks to you a lot. A big Cheater, and will have sex with many girls off his name. He Is Bi Polar!!! He love cars and music. One of the few people you will never forget.
Marcus got money girl you better holla at him.
by klassyp January 25, 2012
The supreme of all fuckboys. Usually has blonde hair and blue eyes. Thinks he is a good kisser but usually kisses like a dog lapping up its water. Can't find the clitoris. Sprays so much axe cologne on his body that your lungs shrivel up and you end up looking like a whale that's been left out of water for too long. Thinks he can get any girl he wants. Thinks he is cute but is not. Looks like a grandpa without his false teeth. Has a small ass penis.
"I had my first kiss with Marcus and he was kissing me like he was trying to suck all of the life out of me"
by fuckboytyranny August 31, 2015
A total fuckboy who gets girls to send him nudes over snapchat, and then he saves them and shows everyone to ruins a girls life.
Don't send nudes to Marcus! He's a total fuckboy!
by sexybuttercup April 30, 2015
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