They smell of bad things but can be quite funny sometimes. I lied they are really annoying with there high pitch voices. No one likes them apart from their mums who even they want to kill them. They are also usually homosexual
That guys a real marcus
Wow im feeling reall marcusy right now
by S to the M Mcleod April 01, 2013
Another way to say "weed" in front of parents.
"Hey man wanna hang out wit marcus today?"
"Sure, Marcus is hella coo!"
by Poncho! February 02, 2009
The best guy you will ever meet. One could only hope to have a Marcus as their friend as he'll be there with you at the drop of a hat be it in a time of need or just to chill together & laugh at others expense. A Marcus has a bit of a past, but it has only made him stronger. He does not put up with nonsense. Once you have him as a friend you've met the best person of your life. Often misunderstood, he don't care. He knows the ones he truly loves know him inside out. Honest, caring, loving & freakin hilarious. Sarcasm beyond many's comprehension, as they do not deserve to know him.
I love me some Marcus, he's the best friend you could ever have.

Man, I wish I could be like a Marcus to that fine girl, she would inevitably fall in love.

His smile is infectious, his laugh above all others. I need me some Marcus time.
by Shanagains November 21, 2011
Marcus: the sweetest guy you will ever meet; artistic; born musician; tempermental at times; you will love them with all your heart; usually brown haired, and brown eyed; make you fall in love with them; adorable; addicting; caring; truely amazing. the most incredible guy i have ever met and hope will stay with me forever. ♥ i love you.
That is surely must be a Marcus.
by shayclay21296 September 30, 2011
An incredible human being. Whenever anybody says bad about this Italian master it's false, and out of envy. Marcus is an Italian friend with a heart of gold, and has eyes so deep you can stare into his soul. He is an amazing person. He has a good sense of style, humor, love, and sports. This italian dynamo will always try his hardest to achieve in everything he does. He is the best friend you could find. Don't think falsly on this wonderful human, he is an incredible Italian and will always make you smile.
Aww Marcus is so cute!
by Columbus172 December 19, 2010
Marcuse: cutest person ever. He is to die for perfect if you ever meet him you are lucky to have a Marcus. He's the kind of guy who text you everyday, has the most perfect laugh, perfect body, he's athletic and gorgeous and can do anything and fall in love with him. Find yourself Marcus and keep him.
Marcus , perfect
by Fuckyodres May 06, 2013
Marcus is the sweetest guy that you will ever meet. he will understand you better than anyone and he will become your dream guy. you will fall in love with him within seconds and he will become you're everything. Marcus's are amazing friends and are always there for you, whether you need it or not. they will be very protective over what's there's and will have a very loving personality.
Marcy- "hey who's that over there?"
Janee- "oh that's Marcus, I think I'm gonna go for him".
by Massieme February 15, 2013
Two-tone perfection... Or FSP
Depends on context
Hey bro!!! Did you see that guy whip out his Marcus in the hotel room last night???

by Drummerdude1492 January 31, 2009

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