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One of the most boring places on Earth. Filled with angry and confused old people, Marco Island is one of the ten thousand little shits floating around in a gigantic toilet.

There is absolutely nothing to do; and if you are seen walking around in the middle of the day, you will be looked down upon for not driving around everywhere like a little snob, even though the island is so fucking small.
The largest and worst part of the Ten Thousand Islands.

The graveyard is known as the one of the biggest attractions on the island. Seriously.

You won't find more hatred directed towards children from old people than you would in Marco Island.

by Harry Norris May 18, 2008
A city now in SW Florida where 99.9% of the inhabitants are over the age of 90 but still think they can drive. Also a good place to go if you are between the ages of 14-21 and would like to get harassed by both the locals and local police force alike. Tourist girls that are cute and between the ages of 15-18 are more than welcome and please bring friends
Oh my gosh mom Marco Island is chop full of old people!!

Marco island is just another large retirement home

I love Marco Island
by Marco Local KJR August 09, 2009
A piece of shit island that is full of 100,000+ 90 year Olds. Known as a beach destination, and it's easy to see why! Marco Island has barf green water and a mile wide beach that looks like a damn dessert and takes about 15 minutes to get to the water. Named number 1 island in the US, for reasons unknown. Nothing to do nowhere to go, the beach sucks, and too many crabby 90 year olds. Don't go, not worth the drive.
Hey I'm going to Marco Island next week!
Cool! Are you gonna get aids from the pool that about 40 century old cunts shat in?
Hell yeah bro!
by analdestroyer99 March 29, 2015
An island in south west florida with about 400 kids and 1,100 retired people.
My grandparents moved to Marco Island.
by beachbum1024 April 03, 2007
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