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"What in the name of Maramman Disco" is an Indian English equivalent of saying "What in the name of God" or "What in the name of all that is holy" or even "What the fuck?!".

"Maramman Disco" can also be used as a quick retort to an absurd statement.

People in southern part of India dance as if having an epileptic seizure to heady Indian drum music played by a mobile orchestra on streets during festivities connected to the South Indian Goddess, Maramma. The term was broadly used and publicized by South Indian actor/comedian, Tennis Krishna.
"What in the name of Maramman Disco are you doing up at this hour?"

Him - "Dude, she totally went down on me."
You - "Maramman Disco! She just had a knee surgery."
by SidMMXI June 04, 2013

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