lesbian, cunt-licker, liberal bitch, carpet muncher, cracked out hoe that likes girls, femi-nazi
"Chloe, guess what... I"m gay"
by pants April 26, 2004
Top Definition
The best name on earth.
Myself, Mara Wilson, Marigolds.
by Mara January 15, 2005
A girl who is completely stellar in every way. Enjoys sky train rides and often ribbit belching. Is known to bite so it is advisable to wear protection. If found, keep her away from jello shooters and especially shots of vodka. Comes with the innate ability to verbally castrate however saves this ace-up-the-sleeve for only the most severe cases of douchebagtosis. Irresistable voice and is known to be a siren, luring poor emo kids to death by pleasure. Threatens the masculinity of certain douche fairies whilst still remaning the perfect example of the ideal woman.
**Warning - is known to give a really ..hard time**
Wow that girl is not even close to a Mara!
by Kazaauser December 14, 2004
The greatest person you will ever meet. Not only is she sexy but she is also strange and weird in the best way, which makes her unique to all those who are lucky enough to have her as a friend. The stories she has to tell are unlke any you have heard making her as interesting as the picture of kitties she has in her possession. And on top of all that she has a nice ass.
She is such a mara.
by Mara D. by ME September 05, 2011
-mad sexy
-a rare breed of woman that exudes sexiness and a scent of pure loveliness
-a goddess

-men wildly crave her
-brilliant in every way
-breaks hearts of men, leaving them begging for more
-complete wild child
-men dream about constantly
-absolutely irresistible
Guy 1 "Man, I met a Mara at a party last night. She was unbelievable."

Guy 2 "A Mara?! No way, man. Every guy wants a Mara."

Guy 1 "It was insane."

Guy 2 "I bet. I wish I was you last night!"
by gimmeshelter333 February 07, 2010
The goddess Mara The goddess of winter, the air, forgiveness, mercy and compassion

Physical Attributes: Mara is typically depicted as a beautiful young woman with "hair the shade of deepest fire". Thus she is mostly shown with red hair and an expression of sympathy on her face.

The most famous tale of her compassion is the myth of Mara and Äsdir in the ‘tower of silence’. It is when she seens him suffering that her heart stirs and mercy and compassion are born into the world through her. As the goddess of the air, she summons the clouds to spell out the lines: "“And throughout all eternity, / I forgive you, you forgive me”(In Aren this reads: “Av hielt alle evighaiten / Ich tilgi du , du tilgist mich. “)

Today, she is the most popular of the Norse Gods. The 19th century author, Isaac Rosenheim explained her appeal, noting that "Mara is the mercy we all need, the compassion that makes the world beautiful. Aurora may have been the goddess of sexuality and love, but it is my belief that Mara was the embodiment of true love. Unflinching, unconditional kindness and sincerity - the kind which has characterized the Aren since the beginning of time to the present day.
Mara is the mercy we all need" "Mara's hair is the shade of the deepest fire
by MsMorphine September 10, 2010
Mara is the most amazing person you'll ever meet shes got a body of sexyness. Shes amazing at sports and is a lot of fun on dates. I wish I could spend all the time in the world with her. Also she has the nicest ass around. I Just love her so much
Harry- Man did you see mara's ass
Berries- No I missed it
Harry- Good, because its mine, you better not be looking at it or ill tear you up
Berries- Ok Ok i gotcha.
by Harry Paira June 10, 2011
Devil that tempted Buddha
Mara came to me in my sleep.
by Borachio March 14, 2004
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