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One of the sounds that a cat can make. Cats make the 'maow' sound more than the 'meow' sound, so it is more accurately the sound a cat makes. It is also a silly sound, that can be used to annoy people or start a joke.
Me: Oh, such a nice little cat...
Cat: Maow.


Me: Maow. Maow. Maow.
You: Stop that.
by GolemdX July 15, 2009
A way to express any sort of feeling.
If someone says something that excites you, you could respond in a excited tone, maow! Same with other emotions.
by The Breakfast Bus April 30, 2009
v. to heavily eat, or tear apart a meal.

to 'maow' out on something
gotdamn! i want to maow on some chicken.
by esquando October 17, 2006
Sound that a cat REALLY makes.

A word/sound that a person that usually says stupid things for reason at any time can say.


What the other definitions say.
"Maow," said the disease-ridden, nearly-dead kitty cat.

John:"Hi Paul"
Clyde:"Hi John. How was your day?"
John:"Good. What about yours?"
Clyde:"Good. Very well then"
John:"What the hell was that?"
John:"Oh."(moving on)"Okaaaay....>.>"


The dog maowed the disease-ridden, nearly-dead kitty cat's tail into little strips.
by Idiotism August 06, 2008
Legend has it, two stoned boys once came up with a word that would make everyone in the area to 'Draw for the Maow'.

It dates back to when a retarded child wrongly spoke the word 'Miss' to his SPO (Spas Support) Teacher and ended up blurting out the newly spoken word 'Maaoohhhww'.


Ever since, when anyone within a group of people quotes 'Draw for the Maow', All those who heard must draw their imaginary swords. If anyone that heard it did not draw, they will receive a dig (Medium punch) on their arm by the caller of the Maow. Drawing must be limited to every five minutes.

*Girls cannot receive digs if they don't draw, but it is still considered to be polite for them to draw*

*The drawers must draw within 4 seconds of the call*

*If anyone that is guilty of Misdrawinig digs the caller back, everyone in that area gets a free punch to their arm*


If someone 'Misdraws' three times in a row they get a facedig (Light munch on the cheak or chin).
Guy walks into group of people
Guy: Draw for the Maow!
Everyone: 'Draws out their swords'
by Reliever1 January 07, 2011
moo in a conversational tone and with correct pronunciation.
We couldnt get a response from the cows by mooing but by maowing in their general direction, they would stop and say hello to us.
by one of the original maow ers December 09, 2010
1. To eat something
2. Another word for food
3. To feel sad or disappointed

Maow can be used in other ways such as maowzers and overmaow.
1. I feel like maowing some chocolate
2. I feel like some maows
3. Maow i cant believe they have no ice cream left!
by Christiaan H May 29, 2008
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