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A word used to describe a particular style of tracksuit trousers. Although the trouser is not specific in any brands or manufacturers, it details a 100% cotton trouser, often with a fleece like insert.

What distinguishes a maori puff tracksuit from any other tracksuit trouser is the large, thick puffy, up most part of the trouser where the elastic runs and drawstring is contained. The puff generally has a width of about 4 centimetres and has a depth of about 2 centimetres. The puffs length is determined by the size of the garment, and runs full circumference.

The name maori puff can be drawn from them being typically worn by Mãori people and also Tropical persons. Mostly found in a flecked grey or faded green colour.

Can be used as a pronoun or noun, or adjective.
Pronoun:"The offender was definitely wearing a pair of Maori Puffs"

Noun: "The offender was definitely wearing some Maori Puff tracksuit trouser"

Adjective: "Hi, do these pants come in Maori Puff?"
by Refreshment Boxx October 02, 2010
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