The leader of the communist revolution that took place in china. The symbol of communism in china. His picture hangs in frount of the gates of heavely peace in beijing.
Mao was the god-father of communism in China
by Neo March 25, 2004
Top Definition
1. n. Vile, evil ruler of China from the end of WWII to the early 1970's. Killed millions of his own people with forced collectivization of agriculture, the "Great Leap Forward," and most of all with the power-restoration maneuver resulting from the famine created by Great Leap Forward known as the "Cultural Revolution." Faclitated a transfer of power to a group of even more evil people called the Gang of Four that included his wife. The tyrant can be considered on equal footing with the next definition.

2. n. The excrement of Microtus pennsylvanicus. You guessed it, its "mousie dung."

An example of Mao's thinking can be taken from his book, "The Wit and Wisdom of Chairman Mao," where he writes, "Politics comes out of the barrel of a gun."
by Dan Weyandt October 17, 2008
A card game involving players who aren't told the rules and must learn them as they go. Rules vary with different players, but one constant is the Mao God, the player who controls the game and doles out rewards and punishments based on performance.
We played Mao for 8 hours straight and I still don't know all the rules.
by jesus stays crunchy December 14, 2004
The leader of the communism revoulution that took place in china to replace the nationalist party that was in place before Mao. Mao's ideas were as stupid as they were absolutly insane. "The great leap forward" was a candiade for the most retarded political agenda on earth. Mao destroyed acres of VITAL farm land and replaced them with factorys to "advance china technologically" Of course, no one in china knew how to operate these factories, so all Mao accomplished was to stave his people. Mao's picture now hangs in frount of the gates of heavenly peace, in Beijing.
Mao was the god-father of communism in China, an inpirering man, and defined communism for the whole world. He was also insane.
by BlackSpork March 25, 2004
Norwegian. Short for "Med andre ord". (in other words)
mao, du skjønner ingenting.
by Elyas Machera April 19, 2004
The word "cat" in chinese, using the first tone (in Mandarin). Like if you were singing a high note.
Wo de mao hen e. (Translation: My cat is very hungry).
by wank August 19, 2005
The act of; putting a bullet or bullets in a revolver, spinning the cylinder, handing it to someone to play Russian roulette then slapping them if the are not fast enough in your opinion.
mao! (slap) mao! mao! (slap) mao
by TheBojiMaster December 15, 2008
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