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Mao Gong litterally translates to Cat Kung Fu, a fighting style where you put your hands in a swaying motion in front of your mouth/chin. This fighting style uses a series of quick punches, and kicks that sweep on the floor. It also has a unique tackle/ram that goes on all fours. However, this fighting style is only in a game called Rumble Fighter, and a few other games. It hardly works in real life. If you want to fight in REAL life, use Muay Thai, Sambo, JuJutsu, Taekwondo, Karate, or Capoeira. Mao Gong can work, however, if you don't intend to hurt anyone. The stance is basically your two hands swaying up and down with your fingers moving in front of your mouth/chin. and your foot is slanted from each other.
Random Guy : Yesterday, she pinned me on
the floor using Mao Gong.

Other Guy : With the punches?

Random Guy : No, with her body.

by DragonZamorak March 13, 2009
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